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About Thomas Horn THC:  Born in Mexico City to a can do  family of creatives, Thomas Horn was a visionary. Deeply influenced by his family’s Texas roots and bohemian upbringing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He was bound to create beauty. His appreciation and use of Old World leather making methods, and his passion for the highest quality materials and texture are earmarks of his unique designs. Character of design, of materials and of his team where the foundation for his vision.

His inspiration came from his love of all things rugged, classic, timeless and hand made. The Old World craftsmen were his heroes. "Leather has always played a vital role in the development of the New World. San Miguel de Allende started as a tanning and leather working town on the Spanish Camino Real, the royal road leading North, during Colonial times. Using leather as a medium seemed like the proper way to show my respect for the rich and varied sur- roundings of my youth. Leather empowers, and combined with the beauty and strength women represent, it was calling. “Thomas Horn”.